As a successful realtor for many years, I found that after opening my own firm, I was having problems with obtaining my goals and found myself making progress but with too much difficulty and struggle. I also needed help with being consistent

I have benefited greatly while working with Mimi. I’m gaining clarity about my goals and the “why” has become very clear to me. I also have worked through my blockages and resistance. I am a lot more consistent now

Working with Mimi as my coach has been successful for me because she’s very intuitive and the things that I may have felt I needed to work on, she provided help with that. But more importantly, she can see clearly what the actual cause of that issue was and we then work on the root and not just the weed…

If you’re on the fence about working with Mimi, I say, just do it… You cannot really know how much and how many ways it will help, but because of Mimi’s intuitive nature you will definitely get way more out of it than you initially expected. With Mimi there’s so much added to the experience that it helps create a full balanced life. Most people will be aware of maybe one or two things they need help with, but when You work with Mimi, your life will begin to change and you’ll get amazing results in all areas. Areas that you didn’t even expect.

john johnson jr
John W. Johnson Jr.
, Luxury Real Estate Broker

Just a few years ago, I was unsure if the person that I was dating at the time was my soulmate. I was also working on my first book at the time and needed some direction on how to overcome writers block and remember pertinent information from my past to make the book complete. Since working with Mimi I have gotten married. My business has also blossomed. I was able to figure who my niche audience was for my coaching business, leave corporate America to work on my passion, and became a 2x Bestselling author.
Mimi’s coaching style is intuitive and I was able to use the tools and techniques she teaches to take massive action in my business. She gives very practical step by step processes on how to be successful in all areas of life and business. for me because I took the information she gave me and put it into action. She gives very practical steps and advice on how to be successful in all areas of life and business. Her expertise definitely added value to my life and my business in the long run.
Tamiko Lowry-Pugh, Empowerment Specialist

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Tamiko Lowry-Pugh
Empowerment Specialist, www.tamikolowry.com

When I first met Mimi Williams, I was struggling with my marriage and having a sales slump in business.
Mimi helped me to realize I had deeper issues that needed to be addressed first. Dealing with the pain from my past helped me to avoid divorce, and I begin to thrive in my business as well as in my personal life. Mimi helped me to retrain my thoughts, recharge my energy, and eradicate the limiting beliefs that held me captive. Everything began to change for the better. As a matter of fact, after our most recent session, I finished number one in the country in sales for the month.
Mimi’s coaching helped declutter ME, and removed the blocks and barriers that were holding me back. I now have a toolbox of great techniques for keeping my vibration high.
If you’re feeling stuck, DO yourself a favor and experience Mimi’s WORK. She is spiritual, practical, and very refreshing. She’s amazing……Rebecca K., Broker District Manager for BenefitMall, Vice President for Jersey Mikes Subs-2 locations.

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Rebecca K.
Broker District Manager, BenefitMall

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