About Mimi

I’m Mimi Williams and I am committed to helping Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs, Coaches, Small Business Owners, and Holistic Practitioners to create sustainable Six Figures Plus businesses doing what they love while making a BIG DIFFERENCE in the lives of others. Despite having my first 6 Figure business at the age of 27, I really struggled for years to consistently make 6 Figures and KEEP IT. Because of that I went on a mission to learn everything I could about creating and maintaining a successful business. When i finally figured it out (along with going broke several times) I made it my mission to help others avoid the many pitfalls to Six Figure Plus business success.

Although I’m living the life of my dreams now and helping others create 6 Figure Plus businesses, it hasn’t always been that way on this journey. (Did I say i went broke a few times?)

Because of my past struggles, trauma and drama in business (ask me about the gory details. I’ll gladly share them). I decided to work with several coaches and mentors to help me get this thing right. Now, I want to help others. My mission now is to share the knowledge, wisdom, skills and mental attitude needed to create an amazing business that embraces your heart-centered approach to life, ensures your prosperity and abundance, and fulfills your purpose of making a difference in the lives of others. By sharing a new model of doing business, you are empowered to use your talents, skills, wisdom and calling to create a more peaceful, loving, prosperous and abundant world!


If you’re still with me, you’ll be happy to know that the struggle, trauma and drama are over and your struggle in business can be over too. I’ve become a best selling author with motivational guru Brain Tracy of the book “The Secret to winning Big in Business and Life”. I’ve also made many friends, fans, and followers who are winning big in business. (Read their stores here) And I’ve moved across country to my dream location and created a new business starting with no clients and have already attracted more clients than I can handle doing one on one work. As a result, I’ve created several group programs that are taking off like a rocket. And you can do this too. WINNING BIG IN BUSINESS AND LIFE takes a combination of removing the obstacles that keep you stuck in overwhelm and procrastination ………. and then aligning your INNER GAME with the outer games of business and life. You deserve success prosperity and a lifestyle of happiness, joy, and abundance.


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